Well, hi!

So, you’re wondering where the hell I have been. Or, you’re not. And that’s okay too. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. And this poor blog has seen better days. It’s time to fix that. I seem to wind up on WordPress when I have something REALLY BIG to share.

Danie and I (scroll down for details) just celebrated our one year anniversary and a lot has been going on. Promotions and travel and the ins and outs of married life.

As you know, dear readers, adventure is around every corner. This time, it’s a position with a website that has taken far too much of my time away from my own writing: Pottermore.

Did you know (I’m sure you didn’t, because I’m positive I’ve never said so) that the inception of Pottermore spurred my own love of writing to new heights? It was through this website for J.K. Rowling’s epic book series that I met a batch of like-minded writers and began writing afresh after a long hiatus.

It was Rowling herself that inspired the universe for my own novel, JJ.

And now, there is an opportunity to freelance for that very website, creating original content in the vein of the fantasy that I love.

I must have it.

So, here we go. Step one: submit my portfolio.

Wish me luck, readers. That I may manage the mischief I so desperately crave.


A New Adventure

Hi there!

It’s been a little while since I posted (at least it hasn’t been almost a year, right? That’s got to count for something!). Let me update you a little bit on what’s been going on and where I’ve been at!

First off, some personal news: I got married! My fiancee is now my wife, which – as you can imagine – contributes just a bit to going off the grid. Things are beautiful in my personal life and relationship. Happy, harmonious, and full of laughter. It’s a truly wonderful feeling.

As for my book, I am still waiting to hear back about the full manuscript that was requested of me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope you are too! I would love to work with a professional publishing company and get my novel out to more people. That’s the dream, right? For your writing to be viewed by the masses? I know it’s mine. I just want everyone to read what I write… no big deal. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 😉

Which brings me to my next update, and the true point of this post. I have begun to submit samples and applications for freelance writing positions! It’s not quite the same as writing a novel, but it is writing and writing for the masses – which is ultimately what I would love to do with my life, day in and day out.

By the way… if you’re reading this and are one of the companies I submitted to: Please hire me. I am passionate about writing in all forms, flexible, hard working, and… well, pretty fun, I like to think.

So yes, dear readers; that is the next step in my adventure. I applied to wide variety of companies to write about a plethora of things that I enjoy and now we play the waiting game… and apply some more… and who knows? If the freelance thing takes off, perhaps I will soon be writing full time. What a dream that would be.

My First Request For A Full!

Excuse me while I freak out!

I promised I would tell you the outcome of all the pitch contests I’d entered. Well. Here it is.

No such luck on New Agent nor Pitch To Publication. As you know, my page 70 didn’t pan out. Sad, right? Yes and no. I learned a lot. And if there’s one thing pitch contests can get you accustomed to, it’s rejection. Which every writer has to deal with.

Speaking of, read this blog entry. Read it. It’s so good and gives so much insight and helps you look at you MS in a constructive, critical way. So thankful for this post.

But wait! What’s that on the horizon?

It’s Pit2Pub! -insert fanfare here-

Remember all those 140 character pitches I tweeted? Remember all those requests for submission I got? Well, I’m happy to say that as of 11pm last night, I’ve gotten my first request for a full manuscript!!!

Permission to squeal? Granted.





Hey!!!!!!!! It hasn’t been 8 months. Who knew?

So… I’m feeling a bit manic right now, so this bloggy posty will probably be very excitable and bouncing around, and less… literary-y.  I apologize for offending everyone’s good senses.

Hello. My name is Jennifer and I’m a pitch-aholic.

So far in the last month, I have participated in four pitch contests. #PitchtoPublication, #pg70pit, #pit2pub, and #NewAgent. All driven by/discovered on twitter. I love it. I absolutely love it. I realize that not everyone loves it. But I do. I love posting, connecting with other authors experiencing the same roller coaster of emotions, liking  favoriting, retweeting, stalking the hashtag feeds. It’s sort of an adrenaline rush. It’s definitely nerve wracking. But I just can’t help myself.

My poor fiancee. Seriously. Love her to death. “Enough! With stalking twitter. Stahhhp!” < direct quote. She’s so patient with me when I tell her every little minute detail of feeds and I go through the back and forth of “Oh! This could be my query they’re talking about!” or “…oh…” Frowny face. “This could be my query they’re talking about.” Not to mention. “WAIT! IS THIS MY QUERY? DOES MY QUERY SUCK?! OH GOD! MY QUERY SUCKS, DOESN’T IT?! Why did I query when everyone else is so much better than me? I should just go die in a fire!”

As you may be aware from my last entry… I have never queried before. Never. My sole experience with querying up to this point is through contests. But I’m glad that this was how I started. It gets me excited. It gets me thinking. It makes me take a hard look at my work and compare it with others I find I love and revise. I think this was the right way to go for me.

So, what have the outcomes been, you may ask.

No bites on #pg70pit. I have to say that I was not happy with my 70th page. Actually, the 70th page in the pdf format of my book was quite nice… but that included a title page, dedication page, etc etc… and so was actually the 66th page. Kind of wish I’d played dumb and just submitted it anyway… but I was a good girl. Alas.

#PitchtoPublication officially closes for partial requests tomorrow, though I’m not holding my breath at this point. The editors had a really tough job narrowing 100+ pitches down to a handful they liked. There’s a lot of talent out there. A lot. I’m glad I entered this one because it feeds my hunger… my need to do better. If I don’t think my query, my story, could go up against 100 others and win… then it’s not the best it could be, is it?

#NewAgent… okay… I sorta fibbed on this one. I haven’t entered it yet. Submissions actually open about 45 minutes from now, but I have my query email all set up and ready to hit “send.” I’ll let you know how that goes.

I saved the best for last. #pit2pub Jennifer sat at her keyboard with a wide grin on her face. Nervous, excitable energy tingled in her fingertips, making it difficult to focus on what she was doing and write a blog post that wasn’t fit for a five year old on a sugar rush. I GOT REQUESTS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Okay, I’m done.


Okay… now I’m done.

Actually… even as I write this… I just received 2 3 more requests. The way it works? You polish up a whole buncha 140 character pitches and hashtag them accordingly on Twitter. You can tweet twice per hour and a gaggle of publishers will troll the feed. If they like your pitch… they hit the fancy little star and BOOM… you have a request for a true query.

This… has buoyed me. This contest has been such a high. So far, I have had 3 pitches favorited 4 5 times. (Twice by 2 of the same editors, so they MUST love me, right?)

Now comes the task of putting together my submission materials according to each one’s guidelines… and then it’s more waiting to see if 140 characters magnified to chapters and synopses can continue to hold their interest and get me going on this track to publication.


Sorry, my excitement needs outlet.

As I’ve typed this, two members of the Pandamoon Publishing team have followed me on the Tweetspace. Not followed back … straight up followed… found me… wanted to connect… two of them. -hyperventilates- Without liking one of my pitches… which makes me think they’re biding their time. Biding their time and waiting. -peeks at them over my laptop monitor-

Me in cat form.

Fun Fact: If any professional in the literary world, be it author, editor, agent, publisher… likes me in any way… seems to enjoy me… I go all a titter.

Oh… I think I’ll take this moment to plug HootSuite. I’ve never used a platform like this before, but figured scheduling my tweets was the way to go with this contest. It’s been great. I set everything up yesterday, got to map out which pitches I wanted to go at what time… made sure I didn’t go over my 2 per hour… really got to see everything lined up in a coherent way. And today I just sit back, relax, and let it post for me. Brilliant. Check it out. I only ever plug things I absolutely love and wonder how I previously lived without.

So yeah. That’s my life right now. Today… today is a good day.

-insert clever sign off here-

Shaking The Dust Off

*Yawns. Stretches. Groans.*

Well. Hi there.

It’s been a while. I know. And for that I am deeply sorry. Though, truthfully, I don’t know how many people read this blog. They say that you get out what you put in… so if I had to guess? I’d say not many. Well, here I am anyway. Why now? You may ask. Just because. Would be the terrible answer.

A brief and somewhat vague update: My life for the past year has been incredibly busy. I got engaged. I moved to Florida. I’m getting married in less than two months. Needless to say, writing got put on a big, fat, back burner. But like any rabid author will tell you… it couldn’t possibly stay there for long.

Recently, my lovely fiancee and I (I would link her if she had a link to link and promote the bejeezus out of her, but no such luck) were discussing books. Shocker, I know. We were discussing recent releases and successes and movies that followed and that led into ideas for books we want to write. Together.

Yes, it looks like I’m embarking on a new adventure. Something I’ve never tried before. Co-authoring. Of course, the idea to start work on a new novel inevitably brought up thoughts of JJ and my own successes…  JJ was and is a work of love. (I have been writing here and there on the sequel, by the way, for those who are curious. I’m currently at about 30k words.) But it is also a failure in part. I simply let it sit, collecting dust, as a moved on to other things.

One thing I have learned in my author’s journey: I am not a sales person. I never have been and I never will be. Sales, promotion, the work of publishing… are not truly for me. What I love is writing. I’m not sure I have the attention span and tenacity to PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! Joining groups and making connections and promo for promo and book reviews (though I did try my hand). I still have a few books sitting in my inbox that other authors asked me to review ages ago. Fail.

I was content to let my book, my work of love, molder away, unread by the masses. Sure, I sold a decent few books and got really great reviews and each and every sale (and inevitable read) was a success, a celebration. But I want more. I want ALL THE PEOPLE to read my book. Okay, unrealistic… but I do want more. I’ve had a couple people newly read it and it felt amazing to have fresh readers… and I want more.

So that was why I recently made the decision to query.



Making me question everything I know and love.

Has this happened to you? Maybe it’s just me… but I suspect it’s not. I made the decision to query and I went to google and I read through dozens and dozens of queries. Successful ones… ones that were torn apart, spewing their ink-black blood for the world to see (You should check out Query Shark though… it’s great if you’re looking to query or just need a bit of entertainment)… I read tips and tricks and advice… and I questioned. I questioned myself. I questioned my book. What if I’m a terrible* writer? What if my book isn’t any good?*

Of course, I have substantial evidence that neither doubt is founded… but I’ll always be my own worst critic and best cheerleader at the same time.  Oh, the self-doubt spiral… how I’ve missed you. NOT! Yikes.

Where the search for queryosity(?) led me were other author’s book blogs and twitter accounts and places that will promo your book and conferences and workshops and… and… and…

I want to do this.

need to do this.

I need to write.

I love to write.

So it led me full circle and back to my own blogs and Tweetspaces and Faceplaces and here I am. Writing to you. Telling you that I have gone through changes and doubts and highs and lows and my brain has been scrambled and reassembled into a lovely veggie omelet with cheese and I can’t promise that it won’t be another 8 months before I write again… but maybe it won’t.

Danie (aforementioned gorgeous fiancee) and I have started work on our first co-authored novel. And that is exciting as hell. I am working on the JJ sequel. And that is exciting as hell. I am an author. And that…

Well… this whole thing is an awfully big adventure.

*Polite Word to Real Word Dictionary:

Terrible = Shit

Isn’t any good = Sucks



Twenty-three-year-old Colin Serpan has finally moved on with his life, leaving his macabre past far in the shadows behind him. But just when it seems Colin’s world is the closest

to normal it can ever be, the sudden death of his twin sister shatters any hope for a happy future. 

This unexpected demise drudges up Colin’s ugly past, bringing him once again face to face with the horrible crime he was an explicit part of five years earlier. There had been six of them–six teenagers miraculously covering up a brutal, bloody mistake. 
Now, Colin’s sins have come for retribution in the form of a sinister and seemingly undefeatable entity, mercilessly taking the lives of the original six one by one. Colin has no choice but to desperately fight for survival against this darkest of evil, but as he reaches for redemption, he must accept the ultimate reality: does he deserve it? 
On the fragile line of guilt and atonement, will Colin and the others escape their conscience before it eats them alive? 
Let the feeding begin…
Like the synopsis? Love the excerpt? DYING to read more?
Meet the Author:
Tabitha “T.R.” FREEMAN is the international bestselling and award-winning YA author of the GHOST STORY series and PRINCESS series, and the explosive, social contemporary novels BROKEN GLASS and COYOTE CREEK, and horror read, INIQUITY. When she’s not writing, she’s causing a ruckus with family and chasing around her Romanian sweetheart. 
Previously a manager for large-brand hotel chains (and a lifetime, secret closet bibliophile/writer), Tabitha happily traded in her 9-to-5 gig for a rewarding career as a YA author. The best part: working from her home office, she gets to spend more time with fictional characters, fellow book lovers, writers, and most importantly, her muse—otherwise known as the love of her life/husband, Laurentiu. 
Check out Tabitha, in all her social media glory:

Some Author to Author Love

Hey everyone! Wow, it has been far too long since I made a post. The reason for that is I’ve had some BIG life changes. I’m still working on the sequel to my book, The Jason Jetson Trilogy: JJ. Things are going great, the writing is flowing, and I’m really enjoying the way the story is shaping itself. I’ve started to cool down on sales for the first book in the trilogy, since I’m working on the second and my goal is to take the completed first novel, manuscript for the second, and outline for the third and FIND AN AGENT! While I love self-publishing, my reach is not nearly so wide as I would like and the logistics of self promotion are not fully within my grasp, with time constraints and limited funding.

So, that’s what’s new for me.

NEXT UP: I am about to feature several books here on my blog, including reviews. The first is INIQUITY, by Tabitha Freeman. It’s a YA fiction horror that I’m loving so far! Check out the info and synopsis in my next post and stay tuned for a detailed review!